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Welcome to the official web portal for Wild Gnomes.

Wild Gnomes are a band based in the foothills of  Boulder, Colorado USA. Founded by front man Astral Carr, alongside bass player / singer Jeff Vescuso, the two have been writing material together since 2004. The band's mission statement is simple - to celebrate life through rock and roll.

Astral Carr - Guitar / Vocals + Jeff Vescuso - Bass / Vocals



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studio pic

Little lizard friend came by.  :-)

lizard friend

This just in! Wild Gnomes are going to be opening a studio in Boulder for recording and performance. We will be focusing on quality analog and digital, recording and mixing. All mastering will be done digitally either on-site or sent to one of many studios we will be working with that is set up for insanely good quality DA/AD conversions. We intend to open what will be called “Abbey Gnome Studio” (in memory of Abbey Carr, the greatest of Gnomes who now exists as a spirit watching over me every day. Love you Abbey!!!)


Abbey Gnome Studio will be complete with extreme analog capabilities. The ATR-80 has arrived. This is a pro 2” tape machine that can handle 24 tracks of analog goodness. The heads have been freshly cut and are ready for business. This machine will be available for use in Boulder very soon. This will be offered as a very affordable Hi-Fi solution for bands or solo artists who demand the best! We also just picked up an Allen & Heath studio vintage 8 console in imaculant condition. The EQ’s on this mixer are PHAAAAAAAT!!! Abbey Gnome Studio is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2013. -Astral

Very cool video by some guy I have never met. Gnomes use real tape machines for effects, but we are considering moving to an analog format for the majority of our recordings. Send us a message and let us know what you think. Peace. -Astral

Just want to share this video of Ben Carson. He has some very interesting points!